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How to Be the Perfect Grandma
Bryna Nelson Paston shares advice both humorous and serious about how to be the perfect grandma.

Bryna Nelson Paston shares advice both humorous and serious.

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Title: How to Be the Perfect Grandma
Author: Bryna Nelson Paston
Publisher: Sourcebooks

How the Book Came to Be: "A funny thing happened to my first-born son when he had his first (and only) daughter. Michael became the self-appointed father of the year. He knew everything there was to know about fathering. As for me, the instant grandma, I knew nothing. Never mind that I raised him. I no longer knew anything about raising anybody, and he declared me brain-dead. Michael was in charge of Rachel. He had rules for taking care of her. And all of them applied to me. Therefore, I started taking notes. Along the way I added my friends' stories about grandparenting. . . . I learned that I wasn't the only grandma declared brain-dead by my kid. There were a lot of us running around creating chaos. . . . It was an epidemic of know-nothing grandmas. . . . There was only one way to get even. I took pen to paper--or, as in this new millennium, fingertips to keyboard--and I wrote this book. Luckily my son Michael has a sense of humor." (From "Standing By")

Excerpt: "Rule 11: Ignore the Pacifier. Yes, I know it's a killer, but ignore the pacifier. It will go away. I can't think of one child in a cap and gown sucking on a pacifier. If you absolutely must tell someone that you raised your children without a pacifier and it really is the most disgusting thing on earth, and why do these kids give their kids one since we wouldn't have dreamed of it, call a friend."

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