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Best Grandparenting Book: About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2012


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Grandloving: Making Memories With Your Grandchildren
Grandloving is a book about making memories with your grandchildren.

Grandloving is a book about making memories with your grandchildren.

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Title: Grandloving
Subtitle: Making Memories With Your Grandchildren
Authors: Sue Johnson, Julie Carlson and Elizabeth Bower
Publishing Info: Heartstrings Press, Fifth Edition
Website: Grandloving

How the Book Came to Be: "Every day 4,000 baby boomers join the ranks of more than 100 million grandparents in the United States. Many still work; they're active, healthy, and hip. They've hung up their aprons and left the rocking chair for the gym. And they're keeping in touch with their grandchildren using the latest technology. . . .Yet fewer than half of all grandparents think it is easy to come up with activities that a grandchild will enjoy, and 45 percent of grandfolks live 200 or more miles away from at least one of their grandchildren. The Nanas and Papas we've met are searching for a guidebook of heartwarming ideas to help them feel closer to their grandchildren. Grandloving answers that need." (From "Special Delivery: A New Grandloving!")

Excerpt: "Throw a bunch of easy adverbs in a hat, divide yourselves into groups that team up the generations, and have each group pick and act out in turn an adverb for the others to guess. Act out a favorite family story, like the time that Grandma's safety pin saved the day at Aunt Laura's wedding, or toddler Susie accidentally called the fire department. You could also make a sock puppet that can visit each child at bedtime and help read a favorite family story--or nibble through pretend foods in the style of Eric Carle's The Hungry Caterpillar. The idea is to have fun, make vivid those precious moments of the past, and begin new interactive traditions that can be carried on through generations to come." (From "Heartfelt Holidays and Family Traditions")

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