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Books About Grandparent Names Offer a Wealth of Options

Finding the Perfect Grandmother Name or Grandfather Name Has Never Been Easier


No longer content to be a Grandma or Grandpa, modern grandparents are opting for interesting and individualistic grandparents' names. If you are undecided about your grandparent name, choose one of these books to spark your imagination.

1. Bubbe, Mimi & GiGi: The Best Grandmother Name Book Ever

Image © C. Livingstone

Author Cathy Livingstone takes a playful approach to the task of choosing grandmother names. Forsaking more scholarly methods, she draws upon stories she has heard and read, as well as making ample use of what she terms poetic license. The result is a book that is both informative and amusing. Various lists, quotations, fun facts and a quiz will add to your pleasure.

2. You Can Call Me Hoppa

New book by Lauren Charpio helps grandparents choose their grandparent names.
Photo © Lauren Charpio

Attractive in design, this book contains a wide sampling of grandmother names and grandfather names, along with some stories both touching and humorous about grandparents and grandchildren. About three hundred names are listed, but the stories included could inspire grandparents-to-be to invent special names of their own. Author Lauren Charpio has created a book that is beautifully designed as well as fun to read.

3. The New Grandparents Name Book

The New Grandparents Name Book is a cute and compact guide for new grandparents.
Image Courtesy of PriceGrabber

This little book contains over 700 grandparents' names, nicely organized and minus the fluff. It lists trendy names and playful names, as well as the more standard "heritage names." Lin Wellford, known for her popular books on the art of painting on rocks, has joined with her daughter, Skye Pifer, to create this valuable reference.

4. The Big Book of Grandparents' Names

The Big Book of Grandparents' Names contains over a thousand grandparents' names.
Photo © Jeanmarie O'Keefe-Moore
This book may contain more grandparents' names than the others on the market. Author Jeanmarie O'Keefe-Moore also provides a good bit of supplementary material in its 104 pages, such as information about Grandparents' Day. The section on heritage names is quite thorough, including names from many lesser-known countries and cultures.
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5. The World's Only Grandparent Nickname Book

The World's Only Grandparent Nickname Book includes nicknames in 22 languages and activities.
Image Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Authors Jill Cordell and Ariane Fleiderman have compiled a comprehensive list of grandparent names and nicknames, including 22 foreign language translations. They have also included activities suitable for grandparents to enjoy with grandchildren and other extras.
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