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Support Groups for Alienated Grandparents

Organizations Aim to Serve Those Who Have Lost Contact


If you are a grandparent who has lost contact with grandchildren, you may benefit from a support group. Such groups can provide practical advice and also offer help in dealing with the complex mix of emotions that most alienated grandparents experience. Such groups can be difficult to find. If you don't find a group in your area, you may want to start your own grandparent support group.

1. In Florida: Alienated Grandparents Anonymous (AGA)

This group meeting in Naples, Florida, is expanding into other areas and states. The website's listing of affiliated organizations includes other Florida chapters, as well as organizations in other states. AGA shares most of the missions of other grandparent support groups but also aims to increase awareness of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), a pattern of behavior which is generally not recognized by the medical or legal community as a specific syndrome.

2. In Washington: Grandparents Rights of Washington State (GROWS)

GROWS is described on its website as "a determined assemblage of loving grandparents" seeking visitation with their grandchildren. In addition to being a support group, GROWS works for legislation that will "provide legal recourse" for grandparents who have been denied contact with their grandchildren. The website shows a meeting location of Fife, Washington, but additional contacts are listed in other parts of Washington. Professionals in the fields of therapy or law mediate the sessions.

3. In California: Lost Access

Affiliated with Advocates for Grandparent Grandchild Connection (AFGGC), the Lost Access support groups meet in several locations. The group that has been meeting for the longest meets in Corona Del Mar and is led by Susan Hoffman, author of Precious Bond and Grand Wishes, books for estranged grandparents. Another group meets in Santa Clarita. The AFGGC website also lists several support groups meeting in other states.

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