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Rights to Visitation and Custody

Many grandparents have been denied visitation grandchildren, usually as a result of the death or divorce of the children's parents, but sometimes as a result of family disagreements. It's vital for grandparents to know what one's rights of visitation are, though these may vary widely state to state.
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Grandparents' Visitation Rights in Canada
Grandparents can sue for access to grandchildren in all Canadian provinces and territories. However, not all political divisions of Canada specifically address the rights of access of grandparents.

All About Grandparents Visitation Rights
Grandparents who have been denied contact with grandchildren need answers on a variety of subjects. Clickable links take you to an assortment of resources.

Safeguarding Your Visitation Rights
If your child is going through a divorce or has a troubled relationship with a partner, as a grandparent you should be concerned about your rights of visitation with your grandchildren. Here are some strategies that could help if you ever have to go to court over visitation rights.

What Grandparents Should Know Before Suing for Visitation Rights
Before suing for visitation rights, estranged grandparents should have a good idea about the cost and stress associated with such a suit.

Troxel v. Granville Impacts Grandparents Visitation Rights
In the 2000 case of Troxel v. Granville, grandparents sought to overturn the decision of their grandchildren's mother to limit their visitation rights. The U. S. Supreme Court decided in favor of the mother, sparking an ongoing revision of state statutes governing visitation rights.

Grandparents Visitation Rights and Other Grandparent Rights
This overview of grandparents' visitation rights covers some information crucial to estranged grandparents.

6 FAQs About Grandparent Visitation
Find answers to some lesser-known aspects of grandparent visitation rights, such as whether trying mediation is a good idea.

Grandparent Visitation Rights State by State
Learn where you stand in your state with these summaries of grandparent visitation laws in all 50 states.

Seeking Grandparent Visitation Rights? These Resources May Help
Those seeking information about grandparent visitation rights should check out these resources. Some are exclusively devoted to grandparents' rights, and some include such information among other resources.

The Emotional Toll of Losing Contact With Grandchildren
Losing contact with grandchildren exacts an emotional toll on grandparents, especially when they are not exactly sure where they went wrong. Here are some of the feelings you may be experiencing, along with some strategies for coping.

Is Family Mediation Appropriate for Disputes About Grandparent Visitation?
Grandparent rights cannot be secured with monetary considerations, as these court cases illustrate. Such financial considerations could induce parents to act in a way that would not be in the best interests of the child.

Can Grandparent Rights Be Secured With Monetary Considerations?
Grandparent rights cannot be secured with monetary considerations, as these court cases illustrate. Such financial considerations could induce parents to act in a way that would not be in the best interests of the child.

Why Can't Grandparent Visitation Laws Be Uniform?
Winning visitation with grandchildren is often complicated by the law of uniform grandparent visitation laws. If you've ever wondered why laws are so diverse, here's the answer.

Which State Has Jurisdiction in Grandparent Visitation Cases?
Suits for grandparent visitation are often complicated because grandparents and grandchildren live in different states. Learn which state has jurisdiction when grandparents and grandchildren are living in different states.

Can Grandparents Represent Themselves When Seeking Visitation?
Grandparents who have been denied contact with their grandchildren may wonder if legal representation is necessary to seek visitation rights. Can grandparents represent themselves?

Can Grandparents Be Awarded Virtual Visitation?
Since the advent of video calling, virtual visitation is being specified for non-custodial parents and may be a part of grandparent visitation arrangements.

Advice for Grandparents Who Have Lost Access to Grandchildren
Grandparents who have been denied contact with their grandchildren must carefully consider their next step. They can negotiate with the parents of their grandchildren, or seek legal remedies.

How to Start a Support Group for Grandparents
A support group for grandparents can be helpful to estranged grandparents, grandparents raising grandchildren and gay and lesbian grandparents. Learn how to start a support group.

Family Disputes That May Lead to Grandparents Being Denied Contact
Grandparents involved in family disputes should try to resolve those disputes amiably in order to avoid losing contact with their grandchildren.

A Precious Bond: How to Preserve the Grandparent-Grandchild Relationship
Grandparents need this book if they are concerned about preserving the grandparent-grandchild relationship. Author Susan Hoffman gives advice about how to avoid problems and how to sue for visitation rights if the problems cannot be avoided.

Support Groups for Alienated Grandparents
It can be difficult to locate support groups for estranged grandparents. Florida, California and Washington State host groups for alienated grandparents sponsored by several different organizations.

A Precious Bond: Documentary Film for Estranged Grandparent
This documentary film was created by Advocates for Grandparent Grandchild Connection, the organization founded by Susan Hoffman, who successfully changed the law in California regarding grandparents' rights.

Legal Rights of Grandparents in the British Isles
Like the United States, the five countries of the British Isles -- England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Island and Wales -- present a problematic picture when it comes to grandparents' rights.

Can a Grandparent Get Custody of a Grandchild?
Under certain circumstances, grandparents may seek custody of a grandchild or grandchildren. Learn about the conditions under which grandparent custody may be awarded.

Vibbert v. Vibbert: 2004 Kentucky Grandparent Visitation Case
The Kentucky case of Vibbert v. Vibbert is crucial because it sets an easier standard than a previous case for granting grandparent visitation.

G.J.L v. A.K.L.: 2011 Oregon Visitation Case
Grandparents were denied visitation with a grandchild they had fostered in this important Oregon case.

Santi v. Santi: 2001 Iowa Grandparent Visitation Case
In 2001 in the case of Santi v. Santi the Iowa Supreme Court declared the Iowa statute for grandparent visitation unconstitutional. It also restated the right of an intact family to make decisions about children.

Fenn v. Sherriff: 2003 California Visitation Case
Grandparents were given visitation with their grandchildren over the objection of fit parents in this important California visitation case.

In re the Guardianship of A.J.A. and L.M.A.: 2013 Indiana Visitation Case
The mother of a man who murdered his wife is the petitioner in this 2013 Indiana grandparent visitation case.

Sher v. Desmond: 2007 Massachusetts Visitation Case
A grandmother sought visitation with a grandchild after the disappearance of the child's mother in this Massachusetts case.

After Troxel: Crucial Grandparent Visitation Cases
Following the U.S. Supreme Court case of Troxel v. Granville, state judges have struggled to reach fair and constitutional decisions in grandparent visitation cases.

Wilde v. Wilde: 2001 New Jersey Grandparents Visitation Case
The 2001 case of Wilde v. Wilde resulted in a two-pronged constitutional challenge of New Jersey's grandparent visitation law.

Rideout v. Riendeau: 2000 Maine Grandparent Visitation Case
Grandparents who have served as parents to their grandchildren and who have been denied contact should know about the 2000 case of Rideout v. Riendeau.

Grandparent Visitation Laws Classified and Clarified
Learn why some states have been classified as permissive and others as restrictive in regard to grandparent visitation laws.

Right to Visitation of Grandchildren in Intact Families
In some states and under some circumstances, intact families have immunity from suits for grandparent visitation rights.

Six Steps for Grandparents Estranged From Grandchildren
Suing for visitation may be the ultimate result, but most grandparents who are estranged from their grandchildren should go through these steps.

How I Have Coped With Being an Estranged Grandparent
Estranged grandparents tell what strategies have helped them cope. Perhaps their experiences will help other grandparents who have been denied contact with their grandchildren.

Do I Have the Right to See My Grandchildren?
A common question asked by readers is do grandparents have the right to see their grandchildren. The answer is far from simple.

A Short History of Grandparents' Rights
American grandparents in the 21st century may not realize that grandparents' rights have a very short history, dating back to the first grandparent visitation statutes passed in the 1960s.

Things You May Not Know About Grandparents' Rights
Grandparents have rights, but that's just the beginning of the story. Learn six things you may not know about grandparents' rights.

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