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Ethnic Names for Grandfathers and Grandfather Names in Other Countries

Find Inspiration for the Perfect Grandparent Name


Find the perfect grandfather name by looking at what grandfathers are called in other countries.

Find the perfect name for the perfect relationship.

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Like the idea of being a Grandpere? You don't have to be French to choose that as your grandfather name. Modern grandparents feel free to choose grandparent names just because they like the way they sound. It's always a good idea to discuss your decision with the other members of your family. Also, your grandchild will eventually have something to say about it. But for the first few months, you are in charge, so pick a name you like. And learn more about being an involved grandfather.

Many of these names appear in several variations and spellings. Click on the links for more detailed information, sometimes including a link to an audio file.

If you are still undecided about what grandfather name suits you, take this grandfather name quiz. You'll learn more about your grandparenting style and perhaps find just the perfect name!

See names for grandmothers or take the grandmother name quiz.

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