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Grandparent Health

The topic of grandparent health is of interest to all generations. In order for you to function as a grandparent, you'll want to take care of your health, boost your brain fitness and manage your stress levels.

Healthful Eating for Grandparents
Healthful eating is extra important for grandparents, because we want to be around when the grandchildren grow up. These hints may help.

Improve Your Brain Fitness
Grandparents may find that as they grow older, maintaining mental sharpness is more of a challenge. These eight tips for brain fitness for grandparents will help you exercise your brain as well as your body.

Lifelong Learning Can Enhance Grandparenting
Lifelong learning focuses on improving the quality of life by adding new skills and interests. It's great for grandparents.

Senior Exercise Produces Benefits for Grandparents
Grandparents and other seniors need to stay active for better health and more energy. These tips can help you make the most of your senior exercise program.

Senior Fitness for Grandparents
Tired after playing with the grandchildren? These seven disciplines are perfect for building energy and stamina, while not being too strenuous for grandparents.

8 Ways to Avoid Being Injured By Your Grandchildren
Grandchildren can be hazardous to your health. Playing with or caring for grandchildren can put your body at risk. Learn how to avoid being injured by your grandchildren. You can still have lots of fun.

The Non-Existent Mid-Life Crisis and Other Myths That Affect Grandparents
Conventional wisdom about aging has been proven false on several counts. Learn about the myths that affect grandparents and what is false about them. Also learn why grandparents may be happier than expected.

Why Should Grandparents Choose Walking for Exercise?
The ancient practice of tai chi offers modern benefits, some especially valuable for grandparents.

Why Should Grandparents Choose Walking for Exercise?
Swimming is great exercise for grandparents and also makes them able to ensure the grandkids' safety around water.

Why Should Grandparents Choose Walking for Exercise?
Pilates increases core strength, balance and flexibility, making it perfect for grandparents.

Why Should Grandparents Choose Walking for Exercise?
A stress-relieving exercise that also increases flexibility, yoga is a good fit for grandparents who want to stay active.

Why Should Grandparents Choose Walking for Exercise?
Weight training can significantly improve the health of grandparents who are willing to train correctly.

Why Should Grandparents Choose Walking for Exercise?
Walking is sometimes touted as the perfect exercise, but is it really? Learn about the positives and negatives of this popular way of improving health.

Why Should Grandparents and Other Seniors Choose Water Exercise?
Water exercise is perfect for grandparents and other seniors because it provides the benefit of working out with few of the hazards.

Devices for Grandparents Who Need Just a Little Help
Grandparents who are not disabled but who have some trouble with daily activities will appreciate these assistive devices that make life a little easier.

The Secret Life of the Grown-Up Brain
Even if you have occasional problems with forgetfulness, there's no reason to feel bad about your brain. That's the major message in this readable, upbeat book by Barbara Strauch, the health editor of the New York Times.

Book Review: How We Age
Almost everyone fears growing old. There's good news and bad news about the process in this book by Marc E. Agronin, M.D., which draws upon his work in a Miami nursing home, as well as his other experiences as a geriatric psychiatrist.

Fun With Grandchildren for Grandparents With Disabilities
Grandparents with disabilities are just like other grandparents. They enjoy a wide variety of activities with their grandchildren and many also enjoy outings and travel.

Positive Practices for Grandparents With Disabilities
The normal stress of being with grandchildren is multiplied for grandparents with disabilities, but most of them have developed ways to cope. Keeping a good mental attitude is the most important strategy.

Learning From Grandparents With Disabilities
Grandparents with disabilities have a unique opportunity to educate their grandchildren about dealing with those who are differently abled. Adjusting to a grandparent's disability can be difficult for grandchildren, but they will perhaps be more sensitive toward all people with differences.

Nana Needs a Nap: A Children's Book About Post Polio Syndrome
This book about a grandparent with post polio syndrome (PPS) will be educational for grandchildren whose grandparents suffer with any type of disability.

Five Ways Grandparents Can Get Stronger Without Going to the Gym
Grandparents who find that they are not as strong as they used to be can improve with these five exercises, and they won't even have to go to the gym.

6 Ways to Have More Fun With Water Aerobics
Boost the fun factor of your water aerobics workout with these six tips.

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