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Ric Dilz and Grandma Take on New York City


Ric Dilz and Grandma Take on New York City

Grandma's at it again.

The poufy-haired Grandma created by Ric Dilz is on the loose in New York City. The iconic figure debuted in 2005's My Grandma Could Do Anything. Since then, she's done her thing at the zoo, in the Rocky Mountains, in Hawaii and now in the Big Apple, earning her a spot in my list of the best kids' books about grandparents. This latest adventure may be the best of the lot, thanks to the lively illustrations of iconic NYC spots. Like the previous Grandma books, the New York edition is chock full of wordplay. Author Dilz grew up in upstate New York where, he said, "you joke around to get around." Check out all the titles at Jibber Jabbers.

My Grandma Could Do Anything in New York City ends with a nifty game. Grandchildren read a statement about New York City and "shout it out." Is the statement true? Shout out, "That's a fact, Jack!" Is the statement false? "Get out of here."

So, is the new Grandma book a great book for sharing with grandkids? That's a fact, Jack.

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