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Special Edition: Granddaughters Say the Darndest Things

By January 25, 2013

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After the last edition of GSTDT, I received several cute stories, all involving little girls. The first one came from one of my daughters and involves my youngest granddaughter. While shopping with her mom, she had this realization about clothing sizes: "There's small and extra small, and large and extra large, but there's no such thing as extra medium!" My granddaughter doesn't know about Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts, but that one would qualify.

Another anecdote comes from the mother of a daughter, four years old at the time, who put on her swimsuit and immediately said, "My legs are so skinny!" Appalled by this early appearance of body image issues, the mom asked, "Skinny?" Whereupon the little girl said, "Yeah, Look at all this skin!"

Another friend was giving her niece a piggyback ride when she distinctly heard the niece say, "Giddyup, hussy!"

Do you have a funny story? Leave a comment below, or email me. Maybe the next edition of GSTDT should be devoted to grandsons.

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January 25, 2013 at 10:44 pm
(1) Grandma Kc says:

I have a good one! Recently Grampy took Amara to Wendy’s to get hamburgers. While waiting Amara was climbing on a railing and he asked her “If your Mom was here would she let you do that?” to which she comes right back with “Oh Mom would never go to Wendy’s!” Amara logic!

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