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Susan Adcox

Resolution-Making vs. Goal-Setting

By January 1, 2013

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My oldest granddaughter believes in New Year's resolutions, and she sticks to them. She gave up French fries one year and soft drinks another. Last year she vowed to go a year without a boyfriend, and did it. Maybe I don't have her will power; she is the one who had her mom reading books about "your strong-willed child." But for whatever reason, I'm not a resolution maker. My problem with resolutions is that they are supposed to be specific, as in, "I will exercise three times a week." Then along comes a family crisis or the stomach flu, and my resolution is shattered, which is demoralizing. So I'm left with making vague resolutions, or simply setting goals, which is less intimidating. So here are my goals for the new year:

  • Exercise three times a week, with emphasis on yoga and water aerobics, two of my favorite exercise regimens.
  • Drop ten pounds by keeping a food journal and eating more healthfully.
  • Accomplish things in a more timely fashion.
  • Be a better friend.

Have you made resolutions or set goals for 2013? Leave a comment below.

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January 2, 2013 at 9:15 pm
(1) Grandma Kc says:

I am a goal setter and I do think writing them down helps but I don’t always get that done by January 1. That just kind of starts the thought process going which often takes a week or two! I certainly have some things in mind — some that are a continuation of last years goals. Broccoli is one of my goals for this year — at least twice a week!

January 3, 2013 at 9:46 pm
(2) grandparents says:

So glad to hear you say this, Grandma Kc! I’ve already failed to get rolling on my goals but have granted myself a reprieve until next week when the grandkids are back in school and everyone gets back to a regular routine.

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