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Susan Adcox

12 Days of Christmas Fun: Snip a Snowflake

By December 21, 2012

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On the tenth day of Christmas,
My grandparents shared with me
Several scissors snipping. . .

Many of my childhood memories involve our Childcraft books, which contained a wealth of information on thousands of topics. My favorite was the make-and-do volume, and one of the crafts it taught was making six-sided snowflakes out of paper.

My Childcraft books are long gone, but About.com is a dandy replacement. Guide to Scrapbooking Rebecca Ludens demonstrates how to cut a six-sided snowflake. While you're having fun making snowflakes with your grandchildren, amaze them with your knowledge about snowflakes, which you've cleverly gleaned from the Guide to Chemistry, Anne Marie Helmenstine. (Not all snowflakes have six sides! Who knew?) Then you can take a look at Anne Marie's snowflake photo gallery.

If your grandchildren live far away, fill an envelope with paper printed with the snowflake pattern. It may not get there in time for Christmas, but there will be lots more long winter days when a craft that's easy and yet kind of magical will be appreciated by all.

What's your favorite easy Christmas craft? Leave a comment below.

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December 22, 2012 at 11:19 am
(1) Grandma Kc says:

Amara really loves making snowflakes. She even taught me how to make the from round coffee filters! They are glued all over our front window!

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